58 thoughts on “10 of the Most Beautiful Cities in Italy

  1. mags Reply

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Was there last October and fell in love with Italy. These pictures are so much better than I was able to get.

  2. Gordon Lethbridge Reply

    Personally I would include something from Sicily. Syracuse or Taormina would be great candidates. Great selection though and inspiring me to visit the ones I haven’t already visited.

  3. Giorgio Chiappa Reply

    I have been to 5 on the list and agree with those choices…..the most beautiful I think tho (if considered a city) is Santa Margherita Ligure…..

  4. Bess Lederer Reply

    Visited Italy last year – Loved all of it, but Florence was my favorite.

  5. Texas Sunshine Reply

    I am 100% Italian born in America and I have been to Florence, Pisa ,Seina, Tuscuny, Rome, Pinzano, The Alps, Monoply, and one of the most interesting is Orvieto, Italy. Thanks for all the beautiful photos of my Grandparents Country. I have to say that Rome is still my favorite and the Northen Alps where my grandparentws were born.

  6. Julo, Travel via Italy Reply

    Italy has so many beautiful cities that it is not possible to create some list of first 10 of them. I would say that Italy can only have lists such as “100 best cities in Italy”. However my favourite one is Venice definitely!

    • alessia Reply

      Honestly, as italian I can’t understand why people think Italy is beautiful! It’s so old…..

  7. Renate Reply

    Great article. I have visited Italy last year, I was only in Rome. Now I want to visit also other cities in Italy.

  8. matteo Reply

    if you come from america and want meet a lot of american people speaking english then I advise my beautiful city: Vicenza. It has wonderful landscapes around the province also.

  9. Junipero Reply

    Wow!!! Italy, such a lovely country.. I visited there last month… I stayed in Florence and later switched over to Naples. The cities are so wonderful. I think it’s more beautiful than Washington DC. Lol

  10. Genesis Reply

    For me, one or two of the best place/s in Italy is Como and Bellagio because of the amazing lake view!

    • Walks of Italy Post authorReply

      Of course it is, Moses! As are lots of other cities we left off the list 🙂 Look for a follow-up post on 10 MORE of the most beautiful cities in Italy! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Niky Reply

    Turin (Torino) is the most beautiful city in Italy, followed by Genoa (Genova)

  12. Jared Del Rey Reply

    Li Galli and Capri were breathtaking…in my opinion. Then again, I think Italy is the most magical place in the world. When you’re there you can almost feel the romance in the air.

  13. Lila Reply

    Venice and Rome are the most beautiful cities in Italy for me because I had not have a chance to see the rest. I hope the rest could be beautiful too. However, the people are very hard on tourist. They really take advantage on you if they figure it out that you are a tourist on their country. I have been in so many place Africa, Europe, and American, but I have not seen any country like Italy that charge for using toilet. And, Italians don’t have manner and respect for black and asian people whether you are a tourist or asylum seeker. They treat you like their material.
    Despite all this problem the cities are beautiful to be visited.

  14. Susanne Arena Reply

    What about Taormina, Sicily, Positano, Capri and the southern parts of Italy? The the Aeolian Islands? Went to Taormina and it was just gorgeous, views to die for. I found Pisa a bit boring the tower unimpressive the building opposite was great glad I went there. Naples scary, but Rome, Verona, Venice, Florence yes I will give you that. Cheers

  15. Eugene Guido Reply

    Yeas there are to many extraordinary beautiful place /city or event small town in Italy If we could have a long list of 100s city or more I definitely would include (Lago Di Garda) Lake of Garda / Limone sul Garda , San Marino , Sorrento , Cortina dal pezzo ,
    Each town or city they have old history attached, The old small or large building the are very unique picturesque we do not build that way anymore , You need more time to relax and enjoyed to feel the beauty of those city .

  16. Angela Reply

    When I was in Italy we went all over the country, was pretty upset that capri isn’t on the list, was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been

  17. Anthea Prince Reply

    Oh Wow! How I long to walk the beautiful streets of Italy. Florence and Sorrento were my favourites. bellisimo!

  18. sxccal Reply

    Italy, with it’s fascinating architectures and divine locations conquers my heart. In whatever I have witnessed Milan with it’s churches and being surrounded by the Alps appears to be most appealing to me.

    • Walks of Italy Reply

      Hi Jane,
      You’re right, there are just too many beautiful places and a lot of wonderful cities didn’t make the list. Look for a follow-up post on 10 MORE of the most beautiful cities in Italy, as there truly are many!

  19. gabriel tosin Reply

    i am a nigeria , but if God should ask where to be born and live i would over and over again choose ITALY over any country in the world : ITALY is the most beautiful place in the world which no country can match’ despite his economics crisis is still the best. My favorite in ITALY are milan, venice, palermo, turin, rome and naples

  20. Athenea Reply

    Visited Rome, Italy and surrounding cities last month. I used the suggestions on this site to select cities to tour. I’m so glad I found the site for every city suggested was an enchantment. It can be overwhelming to pick just a few towns when there is so much to see. Although it was expensive to hop from one place to another, I would do it again; looking forward to the next suggested cities as I plan to return in Oct.

  21. LK Reply

    If you want sheer beauty and nothing less than Taormina, Sicily is it! It’s a small town set hundreds of feet above the sea with thousands of feet of mountains above it. Smoldering Mount Etna at 10k feet high is 10 miles in the distance but feels like it looms over the town. The people 2000 years ago didn’t have electricity, cars or the internet but they knew beauty and wanted to be surrounded by it. This is clearly evident in Taormina. Rather easy to get. Completely safe. A bit expensive. Advanced reservations are advised in the high summer period.

  22. Silvia Reply

    Can you please make a correction in the part about Bologna: Bologna indeed has a leaning tower (the Garisenda), but it’s not the one you can climb – that’s the Asinelli (the Asinelli isn’t leaning). Together they are known as “le Due Torri”.
    Thank you.

    • Walks of Italy Reply

      Thank you for drawing that to our attention Silvia! We’ve made the correction.

  23. Phil Scott Reply

    I would add Santa Margherita, Portafino, and Bolzano to my personal top 10.

  24. Onimim Reply

    The Amalfi Coast is my pick any day. But they are all beautiful.

  25. Camilla Reply

    So glad Perugia was included in the list, since it’s where I’m from… I would have included Siena and Palermo in the list, they are on the same level than the ones listed here (I’ve visited all but Pisa). Another city that should have been included -and that is a must see – is Matera. It’s more than just beautiful, it’s unique and moving… In another country it would be on top of every must-visit list. Personally I’m also very fond of Mantova (Mantua) and Ravenna… they’re close to Verona and Bologna respectively so if you’re in the area I recommend to visit. Turin is also aesthetically very beautiful, though I didn’t like its vibe when I was there.

  26. Yazan Reply

    Perugia is the mother of the cities in Italy. I lived there between 1997-1999. Perugia can offer you the best days of your life and will keep you fit all your life because of its architecture.

  27. Adi Reply

    I dont know why admin dnt add “Valle di aosta” in list…
    Really in valle di aosta is a very beutfull places to see..

  28. Waqas Ahmad Reply

    Transportation in Venice is quite difficult as the city lies deeply in water. But the beauty of Venice can mesmerize any one traveled or living there. Your list has given us all the good names. Keep sharing.

  29. Sima Soti Reply

    To me Roma is Roma
    You have to read a little History than visit
    Every block every street is telling you something
    In Italy i really like Caserta and the Bourbon Era.
    Go see The oldest Church in Italia-Santa Maria Majore / Roma
    Amazing beautiful expensive Country !
    I would Borrow money to go again !

  30. Kimi Soni Reply

    Really Thanks alot for this informative Post. I know Italy is most popular destination. But I have no any idea about these places but after reading this post I feel wow its amazing place just like Venice, Verona, Rome is the nice places to visit in Italy and really I will go there in these places.

  31. Grace Reply

    If ure looking for a very nice country side, Asti is the place, its a very small but lovely town especially in winter. I visited D’asti, Genova, Turin, Milan etc. They re very lovely places. Milan is for shopping all the way,for very fashion conscious or designer freaks.

  32. Sumit Kumar Reply

    Rome is one of my favorite city as last year i traveled for the italy with my family and it was a wonderful experience for us.Rome is the capital of italy having sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife to make your travel more beautiful.

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