17 thoughts on “9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Trevi Fountain

  1. Sherrie Oglesby Reply

    Visited this beautiful city in 2010. Love Italy!! Hope to return one day in the next few years. Threw our coins in Trevi Fountain, such a stunning place!

  2. Jeff Titelius Reply

    Wow!! While I knew some of these, most of these as quite a surprise, especially the origin of the name of the fountain-Three Roads! Incredible article my friends!!

  3. Wendy G Reply

    Sadly, it’s being renovated currently – and won’t be finished until well after my trip to Rome this summer 🙁

  4. Anne Reply

    Sadly it is being renovated at the moment (I was there last week) but you can still throw a coin in.

  5. Lisa Reply

    I was there last year and it was closed – very disappointing. Scaffolds everywhere. Is it still under renovation?

    • Walks of Italy Reply

      We understand your disappointment Lisa! There is currently a multi-million dollar renovation taking place for the Trevi Fountain. As of now, it’s still under renovation that’s meant to be finished in fall 2015 (though we don’t know an exact date.) In the meantime, visitors can see if it’s reopened or not from this live web cam of the famous fountain!

  6. Heena Reply

    I liked your post and I am regular reader of your blog. The information you shared will help me provide a good knowledge. Thanks for sharing this post.

  7. Joylene Reply

    Was there in August and witnessed a proposal. Gorgeous and she said yes .Returned after nearly 50 years!!.Does work.

  8. Michael Pilar Reply

    I went last JUNE 2016 and coming back again this December 2016… i throw lots of penny in the fountain before i leave…so here we go again… Im going back…

  9. Christian Thone Reply

    Thanks for this i needed it for a school project please keep making these blogs. Thank you againnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Shirley Reply

    I visited the fountain in 2009 for free. Stuck my legs in it; it was so nice and cool. And then two cops blew their whistles and I hopped out and with my family we were chased half a block. LOLOLOL I was so freaked out but now it’s hilarious.

  11. Diana Reply

    We will travel to rome and see trevi fountain in october this year, but want to a dancing photo shoot at the fountain……hoping to do this at 5am and hoping nobody will be around so I get great pictures. Are the police around all through the night as well as day time does anyone know please? Can you get anywhere near it to stand or sit for photos? Also, are there any parts that are flat to stand on as she will be in ballet pointe shoes at the time?

    • Walks of Italy Reply

      Hi Diana,
      Yes, police are around always but just patrolling, not specifically guarding the fountain. You can get near it, including the flat wall of the fountain itself 🙂

  12. Jeryl Reply

    Hello I have always wanted to visit the Trevi Fountain. I have been told that there are a lot of steps and that a person who uses a walker can’t get down there to see it. Is this true, what do other people with disabilities do?

    • Walks of Italy Reply

      Hi Jeryl,
      There are steps that lead to the water’s edge, so you might find it difficult to get up close and dip your hand in the water, but it is easily viewed from standing a bit further back in the square. This might even be a better view, since the crowds below might block the beautiful fountain. We hope you enjoy Rome and the Trevi Fountain – they’re both worth a visit!

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