15 thoughts on “The Most Jaw-Dropping Churches in Rome that Aren’t called St. Peter’s (A Pilgrimage to Rome Guide)

  1. Véronique Reply

    I would include Santa Maria Maddalena. We went looking for a particular gelato shop (and found it) and happened upon this church. Maybe it was the architecture or the artwork or just the fact that the church was dedicated to poor maligned Mary Magdalene, but I loved it.
    Agree about San Giovanni. We weren’t long enough in Rome, and next time, more churches! Grazie.

  2. Joseph Sciame Reply

    Wow! What beauty, what peace and what places of faith, a faith expressed by all of those who have come there on pilgrimages and more. How could one not visit these sacred sites upon coming to Rome! And as I recall, it is each time that I am in Rome, they are the sites I include FIRST and foremost. They are sites that stand for the Glory of God, at least for me.

  3. Anne Reply

    Thank you for this. I will be staying at the Domus Romana hotel from March 1-6th. My first time in Rome. I’d like to attend daily mass and if possible not at the same church every day. How would you recommend that I find out which churches are near that hotel so I can plan in advance? Thank you!

    • Walks of Italy Reply

      Hi Anne,
      Your best bet is to ask your hotel about nearby churches and the time of mass. If you’d like a particular church, you can look up mass times online.

  4. Kathleen Bello Reply

    Being an atheist the churches have always been my favorite place to visit. As I am planning a trip to Italy, these churches would be my first place to visit.

  5. Helen Ball Reply

    My daughter had her wedding in the Santa Maria in Trastevere in May 2015. It was truly magical.


    Should pants be worn in ALL churches in Italy? We will be there in late July, and I only prefer shorts

    • Walks of Italy Reply

      Hi Daniel,
      In most churches, shorts down to your knee are acceptable.

  7. Alfred Anaful Reply

    I really want pay a visit to Pantbeon one day and am looking forward to that very day ..

  8. Veselina Shopova Reply

    Short but emphatic descriptions. In St. Clemente is the grave of St. Cyril, who together with his brother created Cyrillic alphabet. You can lay a flower there.

  9. Haze B Reply

    I would add Sant’Ignazio. We just happen to pass in that direction from the Pantheon and was more impressed. I actually felt my pores raised in this church. Best of all there were no crowds so we really got to experience this church.

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